1. Jesse

    Wonderful post and evermore reason for WordPress core to stop over-emphasizing (read: aggressively promoting) Jetpack and other shoddy applications being hawked by Automattic which are nothing more than an investor-backed abuse of their position to further their corporate WordPress.com profits. Core commits should be focused on open-source benefits and what is “best for the community” and not jerry-rigged hacks that are designed solely for WordPress.com functionality (a proprietary site owned by Automattic).


    TL;DR: time to kill XML-RPC, and Mullenweg needs an attitude check.


    • mark k.

      OMG just put your time where your mouth is and fork wordpress at last and remove all XML-RPC code. If you think that this is what the community wants, then you will make Matt a no-one in no time.


    • Marko Heijnen

      I kind of do agree with your statement if it wasn’t also meant to attack people while making it. You don’t insult Matt only now but also all the core committers.

      Also as I explained last time XML-RPC doesn’t have to be killed. It’s no as insecure as you make it to be. Instead you and your team should look and see how it can be more secure. You are a host and you see first hand what hackers are trying to do.


  2. Jan Dembowski

    *Reads comments. Laughs. That’s so cute. Has more coffee.*

    Thanks Jeff, this was very informative. I think that it’s also useful to see that the other teams in WordPress are also not primarily from Automattic.

    Yes, they do provide a lot of resources. But in Support, Training, Docs, etc. there are so many other volunteers. The whole project really is driven by the community*. You can get a feel for that when you attend Contributor Day at a WordCamp.

    It’s always tempting for people who have a disagreement about or related to WordPress to bring out the “Matt/JetPaCk/Rule The World/EVIL EMPIRE” meme but articles like this help set the record straight.

    *NOTE: Matt and the folks participating are also part of the community. People don’t need to be excluded or treated differently because their employer’s name starts with an A and ends with a C.


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