1. Muhammad Adnan

    awesome, too sad I will miss this year WCMIAMI.

    Last Year, It was too GOOD!!!


    • David Bisset

      You’ll be missed Muhammad. Thanks for the compliment for last year – we always strive to be better than previous years. Looking forward to seeing you again the future!


  2. Pirate Dunbar

    Thanks Sarah!

    After listening to the State of the Word at #wcus, we simply had connect the dots and setup a game plan for getting WordPress developers (and future devs) on JavaScript and Node.

    If you’re ready to turn up on JavaScript and get a tan at the same time, then RSVP for tickets and join the #slack channel :D


  3. Francis Kim

    JavaScript app powered by WordPress hey? Certainly sounds interesting – I guess that’s what the new admin is all about as well.


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