1. Syed Balkhi

    Thanks Sarah for writing about our event.

    We’d love to have the Tavern team join us at WCMIA :)


  2. David Bisset

    I second Syed’s comment about the Tavern joining us (although Sarah just informed me just might not be able to make it, with a REALLY good excuse! so that might mean grabbing Jeff and dragging him down here again).

    There was actually more 30 volunteers total last year, but I would say that’s how many CORE volunteers we had. It’s really exciting to see how many are already asking how they can help and it’s still late February.


  3. Jeff Chandler

    I’m not going to be able to make it to Miami this year, too many other WordCamps in my future. If attendees can’t find something of interest at this event, then they won’t find it at any event.


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