1. Emanuel Blagonic

    It’s a great thing what you’re doing with kids. Loving that you opened a call for speakers for kids, and a 2-day camp is an excellent idea. Adding WC Miami to my WC list I want to visit :)


  2. Jeffr0

    “At this time they are not planning on including any negative ones.”

    Doesn’t this guarantee that all the speakers will receive good ratings? Why not add a negative one but force people to provide a text response as to why they made that choice. What is the point of the app if all you can do is select positive emoji?


    • David Bisset

      If you looked at emoji as either positive or negative I suppose that’s a good question. But different emoji for clapping, smiling, etc. can give a speaker useful feedback – just how it’s possible to give valuable feedback about a talk or plugin without having to include anything obviously “negative”.

      We are also likely planning on allowing speakers to choose, which gives them the right to make that decision. Personally I think a poop emoji would be cute, but some wouldn’t.

      Thanks for your thoughts. Slap a “social experiment” sticker on this. :-)


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