1. Tevya

    Great episode. Really enjoyed hearing from Andrea.

    I’d begun the process of starting a meetup here in the Boise area. But I was just too busy at the time. Things have changed and I’d like to make it a priority, with the goal of having a WordCamp here in the next few years. I’ll reach out to the team soon and restart that process.


  2. Alex Moss

    Thanks for mentioning my plugin! Was surprised it didn’t exist before :)


  3. Lynn Dye

    Great podcast – especially for me as we’re in the throes of organizing the very first OKC WordCamp. I didn’t realize some of the tools were very new, so I did a quick video and blog post about the new Sponsor tool, giving everyone a look into the back-end of our OKC WordCamp website.
    I hope people will enjoy seeing how the tool works and what a timesaver it is, both to WordCamp Central and us.


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