WPWeekly Episode 179 – Interview With James Laws, Co-founder of WP Ninjas

In this episode of WordPress Weekly, Marcus Couch and I are joined by the co-founder of WP Ninjas, James Laws. WP Ninjas specializes in WordPress plugins such as Ninjas Forms and Ninja Demo.

In the show, Laws explains the origins of the business and why he decided to enter the forms market despite GravityForms being a popular choice among WordPress developers. He shares some of the mistakes he made early on such as competing based on price and offering a one time purchase price. Near the end of the interview, we find out what the future holds for both products.

Stories Discussed:

Initiative Aims to Improve the New User Experience in WordPress 4.2
The First Conference Dedicated to WordPress.com Debuts on March 28th in Portland, OR
WP Rocket Grows From $0 to $35K in Monthly Revenue

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

AdminRocket allows you to customize the WordPress backend with custom themes, dashboard widgets, and your own settings.

SEO Enforcer is a small plugin that works with WordPress SEO by Yoast (it’s required), that will truncate your title or meta description tags if they’re too long.

Disable WP Registration Page disables the default WordPress registration page by redirecting users who access the registration page URL to the default WordPress login page.

Next Episode: Wednesday, February 18th 9:30 P.M. Eastern

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