1. Keith Davis

    Hi Jeff
    Yes I’ve looked at WP Rocket with longing eyes… I may not be strong enough to resist….


    • DEN

      I do not recommend the WP ROCKET plugin. It messed up my htaccess file, and did NOT improve my website. I tried to get a refund they refused. Untrustworthy company.


  2. Matt

    you can be successful if your product is better than the competition.

    In your testing, how is the product better than the competition?


    • Jeff Chandler

      Ok, perhaps a better way of putting it is that, “WP Rocket is proving that, despite jumping into an established market, there’s enough room for new products to grow.” That’s what I meant. I’ve clarified the post to reflect that.


  3. Website Investor

    Wow that’s super fast growth!


  4. Benjamin Intal

    Really motivating, gives me hope that we can somehow do that too


  5. Joseph

    I really like WP Rocket, awesome plugin. I guess it is the most simple caching plugin, yet rocks my site speed.


  6. christopher

    bought it last year, love it!


  7. aureliendebord

    Indeed, it’s a great plugin. As I am a french web designer I know the plugin since its launching and I am pretty glad of this success, because WP Media is doing its best.


  8. Luke Boobyer

    Love WP Rocket. I find it much better than Super Cache and W3TC, and it’s simple for even non technical users who will often mess their sites up using other plugins.


  9. James Giroux

    Love WP Rocket. The team there is doing a great job.


  10. Chris Wallace

    WP Rocket is by far the best commercial cache plugin on the market. W3 Total Cache may be more robust, but many of the features are very difficult to implement and I’ve run into countless errors. To be fair, they are mostly due to configuration issues, but WP Rocket makes configuration so easy, I can set it up on a site in just 10 minutes with no errors or problems. It has a limited set of “options” but in my opinion, the right ones.

    If you’re a developer with the time to install and set up one or many free plugins that do what WP Rocket does, then that’s great, but for people who want something that “just works” and is well supported, this is the plugin that saves time and works beautifully.


  11. Dpress

    There’s one big thing to remember is how they price. it. 1 site is under 40 bucks and I picket up an unlimited for around $150 (I was a very early adopter). Renewing for a year will cost me (if memory serves) 30-40% of the annual cost.

    This combined with the fact that it just works and works well make it irresistible. They’re a great bunch of people as well.


  12. caregiving

    I love WP Rocket. The product is the best caching plugin I’ve used and the support is superior. And, I use it because I read about it here. Always grateful that WP Tavern keeps me so well informed.


  13. Anouar Fourti

    Congratulations WP Rocket’s team, you deserve it!

    Seriously, WP Rocket is the only cache plugin that requires almost nothing to be set up. It’s an intall it – active it & forget it plugin.


  14. Tech Byts

    I used wp-rocket but I found the one drawback that it does not have all CDN support. It only supports Max CDn and now Cloud flare.


    • StopLies

      You didn’t read the very basic and simple instructions on how to use it with other CDN services. That and you also didn’t ask their very good support team.

      Or you’re just spreading FUD


  15. Manish

    I’l glad to hear about their success. I hope other wordpress companies also publish their revenue reports to inspire the wordpress community.


  16. Ricardo

    Be very careful with this plugin and developers.
    Once you bought never going to get a refund.
    You’ll have the same results as with WPSC or W3TC with the difference of $ 35 and down traffic in Google Analytics.
    After requesting a refund, they stop answer to pass 30 days.



  17. Jean-Baptiste

    Hi Ricardo,
    Very sorry about this situation. Could you provide me your email I would be very happy to have a look.
    Regarding the 30 days refunds policy, only the initial request is important. So if you did a request during the 30 days, it’s ok, even if we answer days after, what we of course never do :)

    For Google Analytics, more than 32 000 websites are using today WP Rocket, we never had any feedback regarding that.
    Would be happy to have a look and helping you resolving this issue.


  18. Gezgin

    Be careful with Wp Rocket! It has its own .haccess file but it blocks bots and gives 403 error! Thanks to this stupid plugin I’ve lost all my place on Google search results. I have removed their .htaccess and it returned to normal. This is unbelivable!


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