WP Rocket Reports $355K in Annual Revenue After 2 Years in Business


WP Rocket is celebrating its second year in business. The commercial caching plugin for WordPress launched two years ago in the French market and opened its doors to international customers last May.

At that time, WP Rocket was entering unproven territory as the first major caching plugin to launch with a 100% commercial model. Could the plugin succeed in a market dominated by free caching solutions like W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache?

WP Rocket has the numbers to prove that WordPress users are willing to pay for an easy-to-configure solution to site optimization. In February, the 100% bootstrapped company published a transparency report showing that the product was now active on 15,000+ websites and averaging $35K in monthly revenue. Six months later, the plugin is now active on more than 32,000 websites. From July 2014 – July 2015, WP Rocket reports that the company pulled in a total of $351,097 in revenue.

photo credit: WP Rocket</a.
photo credit: WP Rocket

WP Rocket has been successful in identifying ways to stand out among established competitors. During our initial tests of the plugin, we found that it took under a minute to configure caching for a small blogging site using its simple, basic settings panel. Without even touching the more advanced options, such as DNS prefetching and file exclusions, we were able to reduce the page size and load time by roughly 50%.

Inspired by a recent three-month stay in San Francisco, WP Rocket developers and co-founders Jonathan Buttigieg and Jean-Baptiste Marchand-Arvier are now working to diversify their product offerings.

“WP Rocket will be one product among others from our startup and not the only one,” Marchand-Arvier said. “We want to have a portfolio of products and not depend on only one.”

To that end, the company is dipping its toes into multiple potentially welcoming revenue streams, including plugins, themes, and SaaS.

“For the past few months, Julio has been working on a security plugin,” Marchand-Arvier said. “This is going to be a great challenge for us as we experiment with a freemium model for the first time, and because there are great competitors in the space, like WordFence and iThemes Security.

WP Rocket currently has a dedicated team working on Imagify, an image compression toolkit and their first SaaS venture. The company also plans to enter the theme market with its own shop.

“We want to take on that huge challenge which will be very different compared to selling a plugin,” Marchand-Arvier said.

WP Rocket’s founders believe that building a strong company culture will be one of the key factors to their continued success.

“To work in a mostly remote team can create a lack of human connection,” Marchand-Arvier said. “That’s why we’ve decided to organize a ‘startup retreat’ every year.” This decision was inspired by the founders’ 2014 trip to explore Silicon Valley, a pivotal event that changed the way they approached business in the WordPress ecosystem.

“This [trip] transformed three guys who were selling a WordPress plugin into a Startup of eight people (today) with a strong company culture,” he said.

If the success of WP Rocket’s caching plugin is any indication, WordPress users should be on the lookout for the company to bring a new twist into other existing product niches. Momentum is running high on their currently incubating projects with Imagify on track to launch in the upcoming weeks.


26 responses to “WP Rocket Reports $355K in Annual Revenue After 2 Years in Business”

  1. No doubts at all that WP Rocket plugin will get the same powerful and simple “brothers and sisters” plugins. We can’t wait to see those “newborns” :-)

  2. I just paid for my second year of WP Rocket and have really enjoyed the experience. The basic setup is really quick and easy to get up while the advanced setup takes just a little more configuration.

  3. That is one great success story.

    I have played with the idea of using WP Rocket but I’m using ZenCache Premium on all my sites and getting good results.

    “For the past few months, Julio has been working on a security plugin,”

    Look forward to seeing what they come up with.

    • Stay with Zen Cache, Keith. I have tried using WP Rocket on three occasions now, with three different sites/themes. To say I was underwhelmed with the complexity of getting it going and their very slow and technically challenged support, would be an understatement.

      I think this result only goes to show ~ with so many newbies out there, willing to give them their money and not knowing how good Zen Cache or Smart Cache are ~ almost anyone can earn a few bob with any old product.

      My view, of course, and your mileage may vary.

  4. After using all the other ‘FREE’ caching plugins that are never really free (lets be honest here) who had ongoing errors and no support i settled on WP Rocket for all of my sites. Worth every penny.

  5. Yep, after reading countless reviews and hearing real stories about WP Rocket in the Advanced WordPress Facebook group, I finally decided to take the plunge. I suddenly understood what all the hype was about. I love it so much that I’ve become a WP Rocket reseller, too.

  6. Spent a good bit of time chatting with Jonathan and Jean-Baptiste at WCEU in Seville and they are super sharp folks creating world class products for WordPress and are absolute gents aswell. My guess is that they’ll 10x their revenue in the next 2 years.

  7. Can someone tell me how this plugin is licensed? I can’t find any info regarding license for this plugin.
    If it is not a GPL licensed, how is being this plugin promoted in a site that Matt owns?

    • The plugin isn’t “being promoted” here. We’re just writing up news about it. It is GPL-licensed. I spoke with the team and they are updating the website to include a link. :)

      • No license info yet, nor in their website or in the downloaded plugin .zip file or in their plugin meta info, which is exactly as below:

        Plugin Name: WP Rocket
        Plugin URI: http://www.wp-rocket.me
        Description: The best WordPress performance plugin.
        Version: 2.6.4
        Code Name: Yavin
        Author: WP Rocket
        Contributors: Jonathan Buttigieg, Julio Potier
        Author URI: http://www.wp-rocket.me

        Text Domain: rocket
        Domain Path: languages

        Copyright 2013-2015 WP Rocket

        So, where is Matt?

        • Hi Dasfundo,
          Thank you for the remind :)

          We’ve just added the GPL licence information in the 2.6.5, you’ll be able to see it once we’ve deployed it :)

          Have a great day

          • Thank you for the reply Jean.
            What about the information in your website? How your new customer will know about the license of your product?

          • Very cheap trick Mister Baptiste, very cheap trick.

            Is WP Rocket GPL?

            The license information should be added in your T.O.S or Legal page page with link to the GPL license. I can’t believe that you are running this plugin more than 2 years without mentioning licensing information, plus wptavern published multiple news about this plugin.

            Maybe you never mentioned even in F.A.Q if someone didn’t mentioned you?

          • @Dasfundo,

            I agree that the license should be clearly stated in the TOS with an appropriate link. Calling it a “cheap trick,” however, is going a bit far. It might just be that Jean-Baptiste and his colleagues haven’t given the matter sufficient thought. That’s a mistake or an oversight, but not a trick.

            What bothers me much more is all those here who have been eulogizing about the plugin, and yet who get enraged about developers who don’t always use the GPL license. Evidently, the license doesn’t really matter to them at all, otherwise they’d have asked about the license for this plugin.

  8. Great post. I’ll be looking into WP Rocket for my site as well. It seems to get good reviews and it looks to be affordable.

  9. Congrats! We use it and it’s pretty nice. Works like a charm. My only gripe is the UI needs a tad of polish, but that’s secondary to the performance it delivers and ease of use.

  10. I have proudly & happily contributed to their numbers! The amount of time it’s saved over other plugins has been well worth it!

      • I have tried ZCP and your opinion is just as unimportant as mine, they are both great plugins.

        The only difference between you and I is, i’m not going on every post mentioning Zen Cache pro and saying WP Rocket is better..


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