1. Darlan ten Caten

    Wow it looks very promising.


  2. Robby

    Very cool! I was kicking myself when I first heard about Ninja Demo because my team just spend a countless number of hours developing a custom demo solution. Where were you guys two months ago =D !? This is obviously an untapped niche and I wish you guys the best of luck with your new product!


    • David

      That is awesome. I too just spent a month making a demo site for our plugin. The best thing with a demo site like multisite (if ninjaDemo works in that way) is that the user can swap themes to see the plugin working with different themes.
      Great news.


  3. Giulio

    I see a potential that goes beyond making demo sites. This product could already be used to sandbox a website to test plugin and core updates and make sure that they don’t break the live website. In case it happens, you can work on a solution on the sandboxed website, and at the end let the system clean the sandbox automatically. I’d say that this would be a great solution, and would save countless hours to the people that makes the maintenance of a website.
    The only problem is that the website must be multisite but if they could modify the system to create ‘test sandboxes’ automatically also in a normal website it could be another untapped niche.


    • Andriy Sirko

      Hey Giulio I think your idea is really cool. Have you tested Ninja Demo for plugin and core updates purpose yet? If yes I’m looking forward to having your sharing about it.

      Beside Ninja Demo I know there are 2 other guys who are wpdemobuilder.com (this guy is a service with hosting on their side) and wpdemo.io (the same with Ninja Demo). Anyone here actially has been using any of these 3?

      IMHO, these tools provide great solution but I think they should expand their purpose. Only help create a WordPress demo would be a waste.


  4. Anh Tran

    That is so interesting. I wonder if they will build a service for theme/plugin makers to host their demo on the website! It would be wonderful service that we’d love to use for our business.


  5. Jeff Chandler

    When I was introduced to this product, it sounded like a winner to me. There are countless WP product vendors who struggle with creating good demo sites and this takes care of that problem without having to think about it. Good to see them carving out an untapped niche and based on some of the other comments, looks like they could create new products or services based on the idea behind Ninja Demo.


  6. tudoutou

    I found http://amedemo.com/wpdemo/demo.php and http://rawhtmldemo.com/wpdemo/demo.php

    This solution based on cookie seems good too, but I don’t know how to create one.


  7. jpelker

    Be careful with this plugin. It will delete all your child sites on Multisite once it’s turned on. No warnings, either.

    This means that if you’re already running multisite for a network, you’ll certainly need a second multisite installation for demos.

    The big issue is that this makes it difficult to demo the customer receiving a networked site.

    Also, heads-up: you currently cannot use this plugin with sub-domained multisite installs. Only subdirectory.


  8. Seth Shoultes (@sethshoultes)

    Great job Ninja Demo team! Awesome plugin. We just launched our Event Espresso 4 test drive site using Ninja Demo: http://demoee.org/

    I can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with. I’m definitely looking forward to some of the add-ons you guys are working on.


  9. Kevin Provance

    wpdemo.io did it first. Everyone else just copycatted. Just sayin’. :)


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