Ninja Forms 2.9 Ships With Major Performance Improvements

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Ninja Forms 2.9 is available and features an improved user experience along with major performance enhancements. One of the biggest performance problems 2.9 solves is handling large forms. Prior to 2.9, users had to edit a php.ini file to handle the increased amount of server resources needed to process long forms, something many shared webhosts don’t allow. According to Kevin Stover, lead developer of Ninja Forms, 2.9 not only solves this problem, but the form builder is more efficient overall.

In our local tests, a 578 field form was 12.8mb and took 33.52 seconds to load. (It also occasionally crashed our browser.) In version 2.9, the same form was only 1.2mb and took only 1.41 seconds to load. We call that progress.

The user experience is vastly improved compared to earlier versions of the plugin. Now when you edit an existing form or want to create a new one, you’re taken to the form builder instead of a page filled with confusing settings. After installing Ninja Forms, it took less than five minutes to recreate the Tavern’s contact form.

Ninja Forms 2.9 User Interface
Ninja Forms 2.9 User Interface

A small but noticeable change is that, when you create a new form without a submit button and save it, a model window pops up reminding you to add one. Or, you can let Ninja Forms add it automatically. It’s hard to make a form useful without a submit button!

Ninja Forms 2.9 Submit Button
Ninja Forms 2.9 Submit Button Reminder

One of the major changes to the form building experience is configuring fields. In previous versions of Ninja Forms, all of the configuration options for fields were in view which felt overwhelming. In Ninja Forms 2.9, field options are hidden behind drop down menus that are closed by default. This allows you to configure them at your own pace.

Ninja Forms 2.9 Field Settings
Ninja Forms 2.9 Field Settings

Overall, Ninja Forms 2.9 is a solid release and offers a better experience than its predecessors. I found it easier to build forms without having to rely on documentation. Stover says this release, “lays the groundwork for even better stuff to come down the road.” You can download Ninja Forms free from the WordPress plugin directory.

To learn more about James Laws, Co-founder of WP Ninjas and his company, listen to episode 179 of WordPress Weekly. In the show, we discuss some of the improvements that made it into Ninja Forms 2.9.


  1. Looks good Jeff
    I’m a CF7 man but I’m tempted to give Ninja Forms a try.

    Do we know anything about performance compared with CF7?


    1. Probably you can not compare much performance CF7 with other form builder. CF7 does not have any capability of other form builders.
      For example loading simple contact form calling number of queries – CF7 -2, FormidablePro – 6, Gravity forms – 16 and Ninja forms – 57!
      Just yesterday did some tests and Ninja was the worst performing from all these.


      1. We know that this is a big ding for us. Our next major release, due out in early May, will significantly lower the number of hits performed by Ninja Forms on the front-end. We’re hoping that we’ll see the same level of increased performance numbers. :)


  2. I’m glad to hear that. I’ve been a CF7 user forever, and I still like that for small forms. It’s very easy, has just enough features, and it doesn’t have bloated mountains of styling that I invariably have to code over! :)

    But I just did my first big form with Ninja Forms, and even though I’m so tired of hearing the word “ninja” used for absolutely everything, I was very impressed at how well it worked! That they’ve increased the speed that much is all that and a bag of chips! :)


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