1. Eric Daams

    Awesome job to the whole WP Ninjas team. Such an epic project, but I think it will be worth it.


  2. MCouch

    Let’s not forget the security issues that have repeatedly plagued certain form plugins in the last few years (or even the last few months). Be very careful in what plugins you add to your WordPress installation. Especially form plugins. It may look cool and shiny, but there are always serious security concerns to weigh in your decision on what to use.


    • James Laws

      I’m sorry we didn’t send you a shot glass: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ld41yodogmd5o9a/2016-09-07_06-08-02.png?dl=0

      In all seriousness though, security is a big deal. Especially in a form plugin where your main function is to collect random user data. That being said, I’m proud of our track record where security is concerned.

      We’ve invested to have other teams help audit, but sometimes things still show up. When discovered or reported we patch same day. Usually within hours. The very few times where we didn’t patch same day was when we were organizing with the .org team to push releases to affected sites and/or because the same issues was in dozens of other plugins and we were coordinating a release.

      Once more, about a year or so ago, we discovered a security issue that was shared by most every form plugin available. We quietly reached out to all of them to make the issue aware so they could all patch their plugins as well.

      We’re not perfect, but we are alert, responsive, and dedicated. We don’t always get it right, but we always MAKE it right.


      • Howdy_McGee

        I think this is the best policy – bugs do happen and as projects get bigger and bigger it’s becomes harder and harder to pentest every nook and cranny. What makes a great plugin is communication from the developers and quick response time.


        • mark k.

          Past sins should not be forgotten or ignored just because of good communication. The question is “was the lesson learned?” do they follow proper software development practices now, or still trying to do short cuts and be funny in their code.

          Obviously no one should be sentenced to death because of a lapse of judgment, but “we are great communicators” is not a replacement to a detailed post on how they changed their software development practice. Till then personally I just can’t trust their code, which is a pity because I used to think that NF is a great product.


  3. Abhinav

    Though i agree with Marcus here, but i believe when it comes to features this plugin is a killer one.

    Great work team !


  4. Robby

    Congrats on the launch, guys! The tech in 3.0 sounds really interesting and cutting edge. Excited to dig a bit deeper. Keep up the great work.


  5. Patrick B

    Had to roll back a few updates as i will need to go in and fix some form styling as those seem to have changed with the updates and the new error message locations.


    • James Laws

      This may be correct in some cases. We tried to maintain paint of the same class names, but as this was a complete rewrite some of the structure has changed and there for some who had custom styling beyond just styling form elements might need to make adjustments.

      This is the type of reason why we added a one click roll back though. We can’t anticipate everything that could go wrong so we made a way to easy revert until you had time to take care of any issues.


  6. James Laws

    I realized that I responded to some of the possibly somewhat negative and not said a huge thank you to Sarah, for covering our launch, and to Eric, Abhinav, and Robby for the congratulations and kind words.

    We are so overwhelmed by the community outpouring of this release. Everyone’s kindness has meant the world to us. Since this is the largest WordPress community forum I can think of, I want to say thank you to everyone here, on Twitter, Facebook, who sent us emails, DMs, and everywhere else for the kindness you’ve shown.

    I know it seems like the #wpdrama tends to rise to the top at times, but it’s weeks like this where I’m reminded about all the awesome people in our community who are cheerleaders, mentors, and all around kind hearted. People who want the greater community to succeed and would rather build each other up instead of tear them down.

    We at the WP Ninjas love the WordPress community and are grateful to be a part of it.


    • Jason Lemieux

      Nicely put, James.

      I too checked out 3.0 and love love love the interface of the form builder. The hard work that inevitably went into it certainly shows.

      Congrats to you all!


  7. Steven Gliebe

    I know you guys have been working like crazy on 3.0 so congrats on getting it out!

    Version 3.0 ships with a one-click rollback button for users to revert to Ninja Forms 2.9.x after updating

    Really nice. I won’t worry so much about updating.

    BTW, Jeff, thanks for the handy Edit button on these comments. :)


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