1. nathanbweller

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’ve been working on WordPress projects that put an emphasis on narrative storytelling with multiple authors. One experiment being family websites that allow a whole family to tell their family history in compelling long-form fashion, while writing new chapters via ongoing blogging/journaling in areas that they are interested in.

    By far the biggest challenge so far has not been setting the sites up or achieving the functionality I need, but making WordPress approachable for the whole family. Anyone my parent’s age, or older, are incredibly intimidated by the whole process and it’s been next to impossible to gently on-board them.


    • Kalen Johnson (@Kalenjohnson)

      I would be interested to know if these older ones have programs on their computer they do know how to use without too much hesitation, and how long did it take them to feel comfortable with it?

      That would answer 1) if there are UX design cues that WP could use, and 2) whether it’s WP or just the computer in general that’s the issue.


      • nathanbweller

        I mean they use email, word processors, spreadsheets, etc. But those are things they took the time to learn for work. They don’t want to learn how to use something as complex as WordPress on a whim or for an experiment. In addition to what was mentioned in this post, I think designing a WP Admin theme for certain experiences is going to be key in getting users like the ones I’m talking about.


  2. fredclaymeyer

    I think it’s great that this group exists. User empathy will, I think, be what determines whether WordPress lives or dies in the long run, and it’s nice to see a proactive effort in that direction.

    I’d love to see more vigorous questioning of “What do you, as a site owner, find difficult about WordPress?” and then those things being made development priorities Not only for new users, but for users in general.

    For example, I’m *really* excited about the Front-End Editor, and suspect it would revolutionize the WordPress user experience once completed and debugged (not at all easy, obviously). The emphasis and official support it’s being given (in its current incarnation as a plugin) doesn’t seem to match its helpfulness to the WordPress UX.

    tl;dr: This working group seems like a great development! Would love to see more like it.


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