WPWeekly Episode 136 – Nick Haskins, Creator Of The Aesop Storytelling Engine

In this weeks installment of WordPress Weekly, I was joined by plugin guru Marcus Couch and special guest Nick Haskins. Nick is the creator of the Aesop Storytelling Engine. We talked about the news of the week. Then, we launched into a great interview with Nick where he tells us what inspired him to create Aesop, how he got involved with WordPress, and what his plans are for the service now that it successfully completed its crowd funding campaign.

Marcus and I as well as the chatroom discussed potential use cases for Aesop that go above and beyond telling a story. For instance, the idea of using it to create a text-based game with images that can have multiple endings. Listen to the show and let us know in the comments what ideas you have for Aesop!

Stories Discussed:

WordPress Co-Founder Mike Little Gets His Own Wikipedia Page
Industry Night #6 – Talking Shop with John Overall
High Demand For WordPress Education Prompts Treehouse to Launch New Beginner’s Course
Why Aren’t Post Formats In WordPress More Popular?
BuddyPress 2.0 To Add Profile Editing in the WordPress Admin
Why Post By Email Is Still Available In WordPress

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Layered Pop by Ivan Churakov creates unique multi-layer popup windows for your website. You can create multiple layers with whatever-you-want content and add custom transitions/animations for each layer. You can initiate the popup window on page load or show it on a click event, like hitting a button on the sidebar. Full Site: http://layeredpopups.com/ CodeCanyon cost for the premium version is $16

Agreeable lets you add an “agree to terms” check box to your login and/or registration pages, requiring users to agree to your terms and conditions before logging in or registering. This allows you to set up your Terms of Use and Conditions page, which can be linked to from the login block. If they don’t check the box that they agree to the terms, they can’t log in! Works with BuddyPress as well. No longer will users or clients be able to claim ignorance about the rules and policies of the site!

Sandbox is a plugin that can create a completely independent test site using existing hosting that is only available to administrators. With two simple clicks an entire testing site is created using your existing hosting provider. No more copying down to a complex local test setup or living dangerously on a live site. A complete independent sandbox, unavailable to the public and search engines, can be created quickly and simply. You can even create multiple sandboxes to test different iterations of your site.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Friday, February 7th 3 P.M. Eastern – Special Guest Jonathan Atkinson who makes a living through Themeforest.

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  1. Hello Jeff Chandler, great stuff there!
    I was able check out Storytelling Engine by Aesop-very promising! I like to ask if it supports multi-authored stories? thanks


    1. You really think so? I think it sounds goofy but I get the idea behind the Stencil part.


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