1. Marcus Couch

    Since your original article and our follow-up conversation on WordPress Weekly, I’ve given Aesop a good test. It’s not only really great for Story telling, but also as a dynamic business presentation creator. I encourage the developers to include the business perspective in their development path. This kind of advancement in WordPress presentation technology should be embraced on all levels, especially as a conduit for mainstream commerce. We’ve been victims of WebEx and Slideshare for far too long. It’s time to get dynamic using the tool that we love the most.


  2. Mădălin Ignișca

    Thank you so much for sharing about it. After I’ve read it’s docs and saw it’s demos I’ve intrigued for adding support to some themes. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.


  3. myusedengines

    Ok, so I have downloaded and installed the plugin on one of my sites and I have to admit, that I am very excited to see a story-telling plugin with these parameters. Just wanted to say that it is a great plugin that is definitely worth future development.


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