1. Marcus Couch

    This is an awesome plugin that I think has amazing Business Presentation value as well. If I could use this to replace slideshare, this would be worth it’s weight in gold, especially when a presentation can end in a form or a meeting request. This presentation method takes it to a whole new level.


  2. Alex

    I had never heard of Aesop before, but dang – some of the demo pages are blowing my mind!


    It’s obvious that you need high quality images to make it work, but I think that the end result is amazing!


  3. Mădălin Ignișca

    From the fisrt time I’ve seen it I thought that it’s one of the best plugins of this kind, better then some premium alternatives.

    Now I’m digging in it for how to extend themes to support it well.


  4. mikezielonka

    Nick, Congrats on raising some capital! :)


  5. Posey Gaines

    Congrats Bearded Avenger! Keep them blades a’rollin!


  6. Nabha

    It looks like a great product! I’m exciting to try it out as well.

    I was hesitant to donate to the hosting aspect of the product, but I’d be glad to support the storytelling engine itself and am glad to see that it’s working out.


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