1. Keith Davis

    Hi Sarah

    “…a lot of folks are more interested in being WordPress power users than they are at being developers.”

    That makes sense to me.

    I use premade Genesis themes to provide small business websites and I customise with plugins and custom CSS.
    I’ve never really been interested in getting into PHP.

    Like most people I learnt what I know about WordPress via internet posts and videos and help from the Genesis community but I can understand that there is a big demand for more formal WordPress courses.


  2. Ivan Juras

    One of the things that makes WordPress so good is the fact that there are so many good frameworks out there which make front-end development a breeze. For example, I’ve been using Headway for ages now, and I simply can’t go back to manual coding any more.


    • Keith Davis

      I’m with you Ivan – the various frameworks are fantastic.
      I use Genesis themes most of the time but recently I’ve fallen in love with Divi, the latest theme from Elegant Themes.

      Not sure which I like most!


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