WordPress Co-Founder Mike Little Gets His Own Wikipedia Page

Thanks to the folks behind WinningWP.com, WordPress co-founder Mike Little has his very own Wikipedia page. While Matt Mullenweg has been the public figurehead of the WordPress project, little is known about Mike. Within the past two years however, we’ve begun to get a better understanding of who Mike is and what lead him to leave a comment on Matt’s blog post which ended up being the birth place of WordPress.

As it turns out, Mike’s had a passion for technology since he was a little kid. If you want to learn more about the other co-founder of WordPress, I encourage you to watch this interview between Simon Dickson and Mike Little that took place live on stage as everyone around the world celebrated WordPress’ 10th birthday.

If you know anything about Mike Little, consider adding it to his Wikipedia page. If you’re not familiar with how Wikipedia works, this guide will give you a head start. It’s important that the editing guidelines are followed or else the page could end up being removed.


4 responses to “WordPress Co-Founder Mike Little Gets His Own Wikipedia Page”

  1. Guess everyone has heard of Matt Mullenweg but not Mike Little

    Good to see him visiting the UK and Manchester at that.

    Just had a quick look at the video and Mike is from Stockport.

    • Mike Little is English and pretty much attends all the UK WordCamps where he’s very accessible and easy to speak to. You should come along :-)


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