Co-Founder Of WordPress To Receive Award

WordPress co-founder Mike Little will be given the outstanding contribution to digital media award at Sascon6. Sascon is a conference in the UK dedicated to a national audience of senior level digital and marketing professionals both agency and in-house working in the public and private sector. While Matt Mullenweg has been the high profile, public face of WordPress, Mike Little has for the most part, stayed behind the scenes.

Mike Little Comment

If you would like to see the birth of WordPress, you can read the post as well as the comment that started it all.

It’s not like Mike has been silent over the years. In fact, he’s conducted a number of interviews. Here are a couple of the ones I found.

How a Stockport developer helped create the world’s biggest online publishing phenomenon – for free

Video Interview of when both were in attendance at WordCamp UK Cardiff July of 2009. This was the interview with the famous quote by Matt, I met a guy who said he met his wife because of WordPress, I told him wow, I haven’t used that plugin

WordCamp UK Interview: Mike Little, WordPress Co-Founder – Another video interview, this time conducted by Siobhan McKeown in 2011.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikelittlezed1

If you get the chance, make sure to congratulate Mike on his award and give him a well deserved thank you for helping to pioneer WordPress.


11 responses to “Co-Founder Of WordPress To Receive Award”

  1. Mike Little is an incredibly awesome guy. I was privileged to meet him at WordCamp UK 2012. I haven’t met someone so universally respected in a long time. I haven’t heard a single person say anything bad about him. He is extraordinarily humble, perhaps to his detriment. He deserves this award plus many many more.

    There’s a couple of photos of him posing with myself and other Tavern regular Donnacha MacGloinn on my blog …

  2. Yeah, Mike is a lovely guy with a wicked sense of humor, we all had terrific fun at that WordCamp, thanks for taking that photo Ryan!

  3. Great, congratulations Mr Little!

    By the way, the video above was taken in Cardiff (in 2009), not Manchester. The title of the blog post is a bit misleading. :)

  4. Hey Mike, the guys at WP Engine say on their website that WordPress was founded in Austin. I think we should all ask them to add Manchester in too. You are too modest ;-)

  5. @Ryan Hellyer – So that’s what that donnacha guy looks like.

    @Daniel Koskinen – Corrected.

    @James Crawford – Actually, WPEngine was founded in the same state as WordPress. WordPress wasn’t founded in Austin, it was founded in Houston, where Matt Mullenweg was born and raised. I suppose if you wanted to get technical, we could say WordPress was founded somewhere within the fabric of the internet.

  6. @Jeffro – That’s Donnacha MacGloinn (proprietor of not Donncha O Caoimh (original developer of WPMU and Automattic employee)


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