1. Chris Hughes
    · Reply

    A fantastic year for WordPress, WP Tavern and the community-wide!

    I noticed a much larger volume of WordPress-related stories from so many different sources this year, and, I am looking forward to seeing what 2020 has for us all as the pace continues.

    Best wishes for 2020 everyone!


  2. Marcus Tibesar
    · Reply

    A few of my 2019 memories:

    the year I used Gutenberg for all projects (bye-bye Classic editor)
    the year I used wpforms a lot
    the year I learned the Restrict Content Pro (RCP) membership plugin
    the year I experimented with Rank Math
    the year I transitioned to the Newspack theme for my archive
    the year I stopped watching toxic, biased media and news outlets and focused on positive, fun pursuits
    the year I cut the cable cord and watched a lot of YouTube instead of TV
    the year I visited Alberta and British Columbia, Canada (including Utah, Wyoming, Montana, & Yellowstone – wow!)

    All in all, 2019 was a great and exciting year for new technology and WordPress.

    Happy New Year and Happy New Decade for one and all!


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