1. Trishan

    Seems like tumblr is meant to “tumble” along from one buyer to another. Anyways, congrats to Matt and the Automattic team on the shiny new object in their stable.


  2. Henrique Picanço

    It may be too early to make a bet, but I think that in the future, through my point-of-vision, Tumblr will be like the “Automattic blogging platform”, competing directly with Ghost and Medium, for example, while WordPress becomes a “Modular CMS” for other things.


  3. Somnath Jadhav

    Wow, this is the great news of the day. I think good days are coming for tumblr users. I am eagerly waiting for WordPress powered back-end for Tumblr.


  4. Ryan Hellyer

    I’m surprised the price would tank that much.

    I think this is a very good thing for Tumblr, Automattic and WordPress. This is awesome to see :)

    One thing where I see WordPress.com failing, is in the area of providing an idiot proof easy to use interface for churning out content easily. Tumblr seems to be much better that, so hopefully it can continue and keep it’s current simplicity (mostly based on what I’ve heard from others – I have very little experience using Tumblr).


  5. Tomas M.

    In the quest for 50% of web, adding almost 0.5 billion sites will make a dent. Congrats!


  6. Alvaro

    Really enjoy the simplicity of Tumblr, at least until the “porn ban” that screwed up the UX of it, banning lots of non-porn, even non-erotic content.

    I like the way it works more as a network and not as an isolated website. A WordPress.com blog doesn’t have the same flow, therefore I’m skeptic on how it can be managed with WordPress.


  7. fatima

    My friends and I used to use it all the time in high school, but between all the social media websites that exist today, tumblr died out. I also remember the app being extremely buggy and difficult to use. Honestly probably wouldn’t go back to it at this point.


  8. Alex

    Wow! This is really an interesting news. Not sure how much greater of an impact this would have on the UI/UX of Tumblr. Already love it though.. But Tumblr and WordPress together are really going to be awesome in my opinion. Looking forward to see how it evolves from here.


  9. Project Topics

    For me, I think this a nice move by Automattic to acquire Tumblr. I’d suggest they add more features to both the frontend and the backend instead of planning to rebuild just the backend, A total revamp is necessary if they want real value for the investment.


  10. Kolkata Real Estate

    Great news, we have photo a blog on Tumblr, what we think that the present application of tumblr is little buggy. Aside wordpress is costlier if both option merged then may it will be a good outcome. Looking forward to see how it evolves from here.


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