1. Joseph Dickson

    Wow the Susty theme looks fantastic.

    Kinda related. Green Geeks sponsored WordCamp Santa Clarita this year and I had the opportunity to discuss this every issue with them. :)


  2. Naveen Jain

    It is a great step from wordpress community, as soon as we can understand the value of power consumption the more we can create environment friendly websites.

    Waiting for the video of Raspberry Pi web servers, It will be a revolution in wordpress industry

    Thank you for sharing the valuable information


  3. Mark Boudreau

    Mighty Bytes in Chicago also does some great work in sustainability with some comprehensive resources on sustainable web design.


  4. David

    I have actually taken this into consideration a few times already. But I believe that we developers really should focus on speed and performance when developing a website. Why wait 10 seconds for a website to load a bunch of badly optimized useless code when you can just wait 1 second for the exact same experience. But then again, I am this kind of speed nerd that always want to get 100/100 on google pagespeed :D But I have started to realize that getting these loadtimes down & minimizing the amount of data sent is kind of impossible when you want a website full of images and, especially javascript. I myself have managed to get my jampacked colourfull website down to around 400KB. One contributing factor is that I have used a more modern image format, SVG and removed all unused CSS.

    I have also thought about VPS hosting. Most people want to use dedicated servers, if not then it is KVM VPSes that use dedicated ram and storage. I personally believe that this is a waste. If one person constantly uses 100MB of the 10000MB available, why not share those resources with others. I do understand the concern for overselling, but I believe that this needs to change, especially with the growing population!


  5. Andreas Nurbo

    Over the past few years, environmentally-friendly web development has become an increasingly popular topic at WordCamps.

    This is just stupid. China is building hundreds of new coal plants. This reminds me of the need to use buzzwords(gender equality, feminism, white privilege) to get funding in academia.

    If you want to “save” the planet by minimizing CO2 just advocate for nuclear power and lobby politicians to pressure China instead of wasting time optimizing CPU cycles.


    • David

      Haha can agree with you on that. But I would see this more as a side thing.
      Optimize your website, make it faster for the end user, use less bandwidth and then if someone wants to include the environment then sure :p


  6. Erik Joling

    Here is a great example of a website using very little energy. It runs on its own solar powered server and uses various techniques to limit energyconsumption: https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/about.html


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