1. Jan

    “is, surprisingly, the only German video to make it to WordPress.tv so far”

    more to come, we are uploading…


  2. Marc

    Keep em coming! Thumbs up!


  3. David Decker

    This post is not entirely true: for years there were German videos online at WordPress.tv from WordCamp Germany 2009 which was held in Jena. At least in 2013 they were still online. At this time I couldn’t found them again. Why they were removed – if at all? – I really don’t know.

    However, there were for many years WordCamp videos online in German language at WordPress.tv :)


  4. Jerry Bates

    I’m a moderator on wordpress.tv and this post is pretty timely actually. We have recently put out the call for more mods with language skills, and have been lucky to add moderators from Germany, Spain, and Netherlands. Expect more international WordCamps this year on wordpress.tv!

    WordPress.tv doesn’t appear to have an easy way to search for videos by language, as the search bar isn’t an effect way of narrowing them down.

    Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve added navigation to the sidebar on the WordCamp videos page to make browsing videos by language a bit easier.


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