1. Kyle

    Thanks for sharing Jeff! This is a big project for a site that lots of people use so we want as much input as possible. I encourage everyone to spend some time on WordPress.tv and share any and all ideas they have for improving the site.


    • Jeff Chandler

      Personally, I think YouTube should serve as a template for the redesign because it’s been around for years and hasn’t changed much. I like YouTube and the way it structures information around videos.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    I think WordPress.tv is quite good already. The only things I can think of to improve are getting rid of the social media junk on each video, and upgrading the quality of the video streams.

    I’ve noticed that I can sometimes stream 1080p 60fps YouTube videos, yet struggle to stream a low bitrate video on WordPress.tv. Video streaming is tough. I think it would make more sense to store the original videos on WordPress.tv for archiving purposes, and for allowing downloading of videos, but to upload the videos to something like Vimeo, Viddler, YouTube, or whatever service is deemed most appropriate. I think those dedicated services offer a much more reliable and pleasant streaming service than what can be done in house. Although if you can figure out how to do it well on a self-hosted setup, that’d be awesome too :)

    And please KEEP the easy to use download buttons. Those are much more user friendly than the hackish ways I need to do that for YouTube.


  3. Robby McCullough

    This is exciting! While you can do it now, it would be great if it were easier to view content from a specific WordCamp. Now, you have to find a video from a specific camp, then you can find a link to that camp’s video page (unless I am missing something).

    It’d be nice if there were a better tagging system, too. For example, it would be cool if you could browse videos based on a tag/topic like REST API, or Developer/End User.

    Lastly, I really like Jeff’s suggestion to follow a tried and tested model like YouTube.


    • ubernaut

      i made a similar suggestion i think having timelines for each word camp location will allow for for some very interesting possibilities in terms of UI/UX.


  4. Japh

    Seems like a no-brainer to me, but I’d love to see support for tvOS included :)


    • Oleg Belousov

      Hey Japh, it would be great to have some Apps for the Smart TVs like Samsung and major brands. It’s a difficult task to make App for every vendor and to keep them maintained i think we don’t have human power :( in our community for this tasks. You can use Chromecast for your TV like a quick/cheap workaround ;)


    • Jerry Bates

      Hiya Japh! As Oleg suggests, this is not easy for a small group like us to support multiple app platforms, but we are working on pushing videos to a YouTube channel. This is still under development, but it would allow any platform that supports YouTube, and view channel content on your preferred device that way.


  5. Cameron

    Probably a given but a responsive design is a must


  6. Louis Reingold

    Put the vids on YouTube.


  7. Murray

    It’s not a place I have wanted to visit for a long time, maybe five years. Always had trouble with search or finding what I want.

    To start off what is WordPress TV? Education or News..

    Are these videos relevant enough to have in the WordPress Dashboard news and WPTavern?


    • John Parkinson

      These are videos that are recorded by volunteers at WordCamps. The videos are submitted, reviewed or edited and published on WordPress.tv. There are some videos from Meet Up groups. Information for beginners to experts can be found.


  8. Brian Hogg

    I would definitely second a ‘watch later’ or favourites feature! Don’t always have 30+ min to watch a given video as soon as I find it :)


  9. Muhammad Imran

    Hello Jeff,
    It really needs re-design and should be more attractive. Currently, It is looking like some little boy managing this site :)
    Let’s see what steps the site management take.
    [woww… how to achieve the option re-edit in 15 minutes???, it really awesome, please tell]



  10. Stephen

    This doesn’t have to do with website design, but it would be great if the WordPress.tv folks could produce channel plugins for Roku and Apple TV.


  11. Manny Costa

    I am very glad to see this movement. As a regular “viewer” and new contributor at WP.TV it would be great if we could not only have a re-design but also new features/functionality.

    Jeff’s idea to mimic YouTube design makes lots of sense, I wish we could have some of theirs main features also. Not only playlist but sorting, filtering and related videos. To be capable of subscribing to a presenter’s videos or specific event would also be nice. Having the thumbnails with number of views/likes/date is a no brainer.

    As Stephen pointed out, we need to move towards other viewing devices. Perhaps exposing the videos over an API…

    On the content aspect, I would suggest to not keep the same featured videos for too long on the homepage. Even that I see many new videos added daily, I often see the same featured video for weeks.

    As per the videos qualities (audio specially) it seem the WordCamps that invest in a paid professional to take care of the recording gets the best videos. So, perhaps we should do a “training” section helping the other camps that do not have a budget for that but got volunteers.

    On the contributor side, Would be great also to refresh the contributor pages, make more attractive to people really “get involved”.

    Having a page where we see the upload progress, and/or have an FTP to upload new videos (or just a text field for the video URL), capability to suggest new tags/subcategories and a “tool tip” in each form field explaining and giving good examples are some of my suggestions.



    • Kyle


      Nice comments, thanks for sharing. I just wanted to point out a couple things real quick:

      Perhaps exposing the videos over an API…

      There is an API available for WordPress.tv. It is pretty easy to use but not documented well. Hopefully we’ll be able to provide documentation in the future.

      …I often see the same featured video for weeks.

      You’re totally right on this. The fact is, we have a pretty small group of volunteers so it is challenging for us to manage to keep changing the content out. Also, we do not make content featured unless it meets a relatively high quality standard and there are periods of time where no new videos come in that meet that standard so we don’t change the featured videos.

      So, perhaps we should do a “training” section helping the other camps that do not have a budget for that but got volunteers.

      This is an area we’ve been focusing on heavily in recent times. We’re working on better documentation and hands on outreach to any and all event organizers who are handling video themselves. It has been a consistent problem since day 1 and we’re doing everything we can to help events create better video. If you want to get involved in this effort, please let us know.

      …Would be great also to refresh the contributor pages, make more attractive to people really “get involved”.

      Are you referring to our Make site? This is where contributors to the TV team collaborate and we’ve been working hard on this site recently as well. If anyone is curious about what we do and how things are progressing, this is the place to go.

      Having a page where we see the upload progress…

      We’ve had a trac ticket open for this for a little while now. It is a challenging developer’s task and our team of volunteers consists of few developers. That said, I’m confident that we’ll be able to resolve it at some point.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!


  12. Brad Dalton

    There was never any engagement in the comments because i don’t think they ever approved many. I commented many times and never saw them appear so whoever had that job needs to be replaced.


    • ubernaut

      actually, i think any moderator has the ability to approve comments so maybe you got spammed or something.


    • Jerry Bates

      Generally speaking, this is something we’d like to find a way to improve on, but it’s tricky. The primary difficulty is in letting the presenter know about the comment, as typically the person leaving the comment is leaving it for them, but they don’t get a notification. That notification instead goes to the “author” of the post on WordPress.tv, so closing the loop between the presenter of the WordCamp talk, and the conversations on WordPress.tv would be a big win.


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