1. Weston Ruter

    By the way, you’ll notice that El Soberano is an AMP-first site (using the AMP plugin); it is very fast for mobile and desktop visitors, and there are no paired AMP URLs anywhere since it is using AMP as the site’s web framework.

    The site is also a progressive web app (using the PWA feature plugin), enabling add-to-homescreen functionality and access to previously-visited URLs while being offline. Eventually the offline template should also include a list of the pages that are available for offline viewing, newspack-theme#357.


  2. Marcus Tibesar

    Does anyone know if the Automattic newspack plugin ‘newspack content converter’ located on GitHub will convert classic Posts to Gutenberg posts within the Twenty-Twenty theme?


    • Claudiu Lodromanean

      It should work for any theme in theory, since it converts the underlying post content from classic to block. My one word of caution is that it’s mostly an internal tool right now, so user-friendliness and polish aren’t high-priority. :) It’s quite stable, but definitely try it out on a staging site or something first since the conversion isn’t reversible.


      • Marcus L Tibesar

        Thank you very much Claudiu!

        After reviewing some of the documentation, it appears this plugin has a Gutenberg ver 6.2 dependency.

        After activating the plugin, there appears 3 menu items in the sidebar:

        Newspack Content Converter Run Conversion Re-apply Patchers *dev*

        The Newspack Content Converter menu selection doesn’t seem to do anything in that a blank admin screen appears once it is selected.

        I have about 900 posts – 100 are the new Gutenberg and 800 posts are the old classic editor.

        How do I inform the plugin which posts to convert please?

        Again, thank you very much!


      • Marcus Tibesar

        @claudiulodro The Newspack Content Converter is one heck of a plugin. Nice job!

        We ran it against a test site and it converted most of the Classic posts in fine fashion. However, it did not convert our posts containing WPPA+ plugin shortcodes properly.

        It would be great if the plugin allowed us to choose specific Posts for conversion.

        Thank you for the assistance; a great plugin and a beautiful Newspack theme.


      • Claudiu Lodromanean

        Thanks for following up and for the compliments, Marcus. Glad it worked out (more-or-less) OK for you! :) We’re definitely going to keep improving and fine-tuning the content converter.


  3. Marcus Tibesar

    @claudiu After uninstalling / reinstalling the Newspack Content Converter plugin and selecting the Newspack Content Converter menu item, the admin screen indicates 1,015 posts are currently selected and queued for conversion.

    I imagine the next step is to select the Run Conversion menu item.

    Question: When running the Run Conversion will it leave alone the newer Gutenberg Posts and just convert the older Classic editor Posts?


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