1. Anh Tran

    Performance and PHP version are big deals today! I’m happy that the core team has been working hard to get it done. I hope the April milestone when PHP version required for WordPress is 5.6 will become true, without delays.


  2. Louis Reingold

    Finally no more old PHP versions!

    The number of users we get encountering problems installing Oxygen because they are trying to install it on a host running PHP 5.4 is shocking.

    We always ask the users to share the name of the host publicly in our Facebook group as a way of motivating their host to upgrade their default PHP version, but obviously we don’t have enough clout to make an impact the way WordPress can.

    Great move by the WP team.


  3. Dave Glick

    The speed that the developers are releasing new versions is just blinding. No sooner than we have installed the “latest” version and become familiar with and updated all the rest of the crap on the site then we get ANOTHER new version. And it’s not just WordPress.. it’s every big and even smallsoftware company…. New version? Yeah that was so 5 minutes ago! Wait for it….. BAM! NEW VERSION – HAVE FUN! –

    Seriously people, why not develop with a little more permanence and let us breathe for a while. We’ve got enough crap to deal with without having to worry about updating our websites all the time!


  4. David Decker

    There’s a bug still in Multisite that is not resolved yet, so if you are running a Multisite install it may be better to wait. See here for more info:


  5. daovui

    Performance and PHP version are new features today. I’m glad that the core team worked hard to accomplish it. Expecting the April milestone for the PHP version needed for WordPress to be 5.6 will launch as scheduled.


  6. Rahul Modi

    I Think Still More wait for one of Update. Right now i am using old WP Editor by install plugin. New Version Permalink Bug Not solve in this version.


  7. Frederik

    The dreaded 5.x update is receiving much-needed attention and that’s nice.

    Gutenberg more and more turns out to be a viable option for modern WordPress publishing.

    The Site Health updates are also appreciated. Within a few months or years this could become a perfect solution for oblivious clients who want to tinker with their installation on their own.


  8. racemotor

    But what about those TAG problems? They continue. It deletes the tags several times with no clue…


  9. Patrick Dankers

    I wonder what they did to the editor to cause it to have this ‘issue’ now since 5.1; copying multiple paragraphs from the editor will copy it as a single text line. Instead of adding the ‘breaks’ to them (not actual ‘s or such)

    I say ‘issue’ because this also seems to happen with the official tinymce. If somebody knows how to remedy that … I would really like to know that.

    Thanks in advance!


  10. Gia xe tai

    I heard that wordpress supports PHP 7.3 well. But when I switched over, my truck website didn’t work. Does anyone know the reason! But anyway thank the WP community.


  11. William Brockwood

    If WP is moving through PHP versions and performance… why are so many hosting providers that still have notices for us not to update into WP5.0?

    My point is… if PHP version is correct, plugins and everything seems WP5 compatible… Is there anything else I am missing? Or with this performance improvements even the worst servers are capable to run WP without any issues?

    I know this is more a hosting-related issue, but I am confused with WP going through and hostings (at least mine) staying back.


    • Silva

      It’s because WP 5.x is a pile of roadapples and smart hosts keep their clients’ sites on WP 4.9.9 until a viable alternative becomes available. It’s a classic!


  12. Rangga Wijaya

    Is there any problem if I upgrade from 4.9.9? I mean it’s about plugin, justify and the others.


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