WPWeekly Episode 347 – Chair Buying, Pressing Issues, and Block Management

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I start off by discussing the office chair purchasing process. I recently needed to buy a new chair and was surprised by some of the features that were highlighted.

We talked about block managers and some of the pitfalls that will need to be overcome. For example, what should WordPress do if a user disables a block that’s already used in a post?

We wrap up the show by sharing some of the most pressing issues people are having with WordPress.

Stories Discussed:

Yoast CEO Responds to #YoastCon Twitter Controversy, Calls for Change in the SEO Industry

WordPress 5.1 Improves Editor Performance, Encourages Users to Update Outdated PHP Versions

Block Management Features Proposed for WordPress 5.2

5.2 Proposed Scope and Release Schedule

UI/UX Changes for the Site Health Check Plugin

Jeffrey Zeldman Promoted to Automattic Employee

The Most Pressing Issues People Have with WordPress These Days

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Next Episode: Wednesday, March 6th 3:00 P.M. Eastern

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One response to “WPWeekly Episode 347 – Chair Buying, Pressing Issues, and Block Management”

  1. Good episode. That said I have to disagree with you that TinyMCE would be supported “forever” or at least for a long time. To be honest, nobody knows what will happen, it all depends how much the “Classic Editor” plugin will be used by 2022, how much of a threat Classicpress will be to WordPress by 2022, and if more users, and especially developers will start using Gutenberg more than today.

    All indications so far point to the plan to remove TinyMCE from the core, and if they do, I hope it would be available as a plugin. If/when Tiny will be removed from the core, many page builders, and plugins that depend on Tiny will be in real trouble. And if/that happens, the collateral damages done to themes and plugins in phase 1, will be negligible compared to the damage that we will be facing in less than 3 years now, if Tiny will be removed, and nobody will at least offer it in plugin form.

    Only time will tell of course what will happen, but by the stubborn way that WP 5.0 was developed, I’m petrified that the acceleration rate of the unraveling of WordPress as we knew it will continue, no matter how many businesses will be forced to shut down, or spend tremendous amount of hours (which translates to money) to adapt, just to survive.

    I like Gutenberg, I have converted 33 of my shortcodes to blocks, but many of these blocks depend on TinyMCE (by choice), as it gives my blocks more possibilities. FYI, I used ACF to create my blocks, the best and easiest way to create Gutenberg blocks.

    As a WP user, theme and plugin developer, I absolutely loath the “Decisions not options” mantra, as I view that as “software communism”. I want all options available to me, and me, and only me to make my own decisions what is best for me and my clients.

    Looking forward for next week’s episode, very entertaining…


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