1. Marcus Tibesar

    Food poisoning is deadly in many cases. You were lucky. Report the Taco restaurant to the local Health Department asking them to inspect this establishment and provide you their findings! If they find discrepancies you may have a legitimate legal civil case against them.


  2. Steve Wilkinson

    Jeff, listen to John! :) I quit soda years ago (also have a major illness and hospitalization). One of the best things I’ve done. And, just go to water, not all the other sweet substitutes. The key is dramatically reducing sugars (and grains/starches turn to sugars!). After a while, that stuff just tastes SICKLY sweet!

    Also, re: things like cholesterol, your dietary intake of cholesterol only impacts your blood cholesterol about 10%. The rest is hormone driven and your liver. If you change your overall diet to include good things, you won’t want as much of the bad, and your other health stats will just naturally improve. (They wanted to put me on meds, but changing lifestyle/diet pulled everything into not just normal, but good ranges.)

    After 4 or 5 years of change (and almost 20 for soda), I actually don’t miss so much of the junk I used to eat anymore. Cooking at home is more work, but I’m typically disappointed when going out to eat (as we just make better stuff at home… quality, taste, etc.).

    One of the best resources I’ve found (on health/nutrition) is The Model Health Show podcast. (IMO, start with the early episodes as they are where the nutrition gold info is, as more recent episodes have gotten more into broad personal development.)


    re: site templates, builders, etc.

    The blank-canvas problem is huge, even for someone who has done websites for a living. People really want some templates or demos setup to get them going.

    Also, I probably need to spend a bit more time looking at Gutenberg, but there are so many excellent builders out there, that it does kind of divide thing, as you were discussing. Right now, the gap is just massive, so for people already using a good builder (I like X Theme/Cornerstone), what’s the point of Gutenberg? It seems a low-end page builder for people who didn’t have/need one, and complicates things for people who just want to blog (and didn’t need a page builder).


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