WPWeekly Episode 109 – Interview With Lance Willett

wordpressweekly1In this episode of WordPress Weekly, I shared a couple pieces of information such as the WordPress Weekly podcast has now been properly archived within the WPWeekly category here on WPTavern. I also explained what I’ve been up to regarding the Tavern forum as well as some miscellaneous stuff. After discussing some news stories during the week, I interviewed Lance Willett (@simpledream on Twitter) who is head of the theme wrangler team for Automattic to not only talk about themes in general, but the big news concerning commercial themes now available for WordPress.com users. There interview went off very well and I’m grateful Lance could spend part of his weekend with me.

P.S. Check out the newly designed ThemeShaper.com, the main site for the Automattic Theme Wranglers.

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Stories Discussed:

WordPress Weekly Shows now properly archived
WordPress 3.0.5 Released
New WordPress Podcast To Listen To
Theme Companies In Comic Form

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Next Episode: Saturday, February 19th, 3P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 22 Minutes

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4 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 109 – Interview With Lance Willett”

  1. It was great to see WPWeekly in my podcast queue again, it’s been way too long since I’ve heard that TalkShoe intro!

    I like the idea of theme adoption, there are way too many themes in the dotorg directory that haven’t seen an update in more than a year or two. If there was a theme shelter where abandoned themes could be rescued I’d be happy to give one a good home, as would other developers I’m sure.

  2. Jeff:

    Super glad to hear you back behind the mic. I was so bummed after listening to your podcast a few months ago named “I gave it a good try” or something to that effect where you relayed how all of the work that you had put into you various endeavors had not panned out as you may had anticipated. You had indicated that other aspects of you personal life were commanding more of your time.

    I could total relate to your situation and I know how you could have felt that way. I have listened to your podcasts for a year or so and during that time I was impressed with your passion for WP and how you had managed to be a player in the WP community at large. I mean you had interviews with all the key developers and seemed to have a relationship with everybody. But in spite of all your work on behalf of the WP community, the real world (family, bills, fiance and all of that) may not have been impressed as I was and I could hear the pressure in your words and tone of voice.

    I too have a job unrelated to web development or WP and yet I love development and WP. I know how hard it can be to keep all those plates spinning at the same time.

    Anyway, Thanks for all your effort at bringing the latest news and info about WP to all of us out here and I’m glad you are back. Keep up all the great work you do for us and who knows maybe one day all that hard work will pay off when someone at Automatic may call with a great gig for you as WP King of Ohio or something like that.

    Thank You.


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