1. Steve Pheriche

    I was interested to hear a good rational discussion of audience perception of gutenberg. The podcasters completely dismiss all criticism of Gutenberg. They just mock the users, hahah “Installed it 5 minutes hate it” and”these reviews are not indicative of ..(garbled)”, “the one star reviews never get amended they aren’t indicative”. “Yeah, you have to read them” (in a mocking derisory tone)

    They completely dismiss all criticism and the views of people making them.

    I’d just like to say that I’ve been trying and testing Gutenberg since it was first announced and publicly available. I’ve commented and asked questions. Many of the negative reviews on Wp.com are from very very experienced people. There are far better developers than me who have pointed out issues with the conception and implementation of Gutenberg. Sure, there are some baffled novices in the mix, but there are also the important voices.

    All of them are dismissed in this podcast. “The comments and the reviews are Just a metric”, “you have to read them but they arent the be all and end all”.

    They laugh about it “didn’t like it. lost in shipping” hahahaha.

    Terrible. Completely dismissive of the participants


  2. Justin Tadlock

    I’m not sure if it was Jeff or JJJ who said it, but “kit” is actually a good way of describing themes like Mythic and WPRig. I might have to borrow that term for use on the landing page. :)


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