1. Justin Tadlock

    Thanks for covering the new starter theme, Jeff. I’d love to get feedback from developers outside of our small group that has been working on this. This will help us catch things that we couldn’t see being so close to the project.

    I did want to address a couple of points from the post. These were my fault for not being clear when we chatted.

    The News theme I mentioned is actually this one on WordPress.org.

    Hybrid Core is a required dependency that’s added via Composer (this is because WP has no real dependency management in core). When reading the post, it sounded like it was optional. The code from the framework is what powers the features in the theme.


  2. Dinsan


    is there a live demo somewhere?


    • Justin Tadlock

      I think my earlier comment may have gotten eaten by the comment cookie monster. :)

      Anyway, there’s no demo because it wouldn’t tell you anything about the theme. It’s just be some unstyled lorem ipsum text on a blank screen. Mythic is a starter and doesn’t make any assumptions about how anything should be styled.


  3. Denis Žoljom

    Great to see a more up to date approach to themes on WordPress :). My colleagues and I have been working on a WordPress boilerplate theme, and the 3.0 release will be great, you can check it out here.

    Besides using the OOP approach, we’re using modern JS with Webpack and SASS (with BEM principles). I think these kind of things are what move the WP community forward – show a way these can be used (with ease) and more and more developers will use it, thus bringing the code quality up imo :)

    Awesome work Justin :)


  4. Erik Joling

    I can recommend everyone to take a look at the Mythic theme. I have been following it for half a year and seen it grow to where its now (and it’s still growing). It’s amazing how much thought went into pretty much every detail. I feel the theme is meant for all webdevelopers, regardless of their skill level.

    On top of that there’s an experienced, active and welcome community behind the theme and behind Theme Hybrid as a whole.


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