Justin Tadlock Joins the WordPress Theme Review Team

jtThe WordPress Theme Review team is welcoming Justin Tadlock as an admin. Justin is signing on to help with the final audits of new themes that have been approved during the review process.

Creator of Theme Hybrid and co-author of Professional WordPress Plugin Development, Tadlock knows WordPress theming inside and out. His expertise will be a valuable addition to the Theme Review admin team.

Join the Ranks of the WordPress Theme Review Team

Submissions to the WordPress Theme Directory are on the rise. Chip Bennett reports that over the past four months, the Theme Review Team has averaged over 80 new themes approved per month. Add that number to the 300 updates per month for existing themes in the directory and you can see that the team carries quite a load.

The Theme Review Team now has more than 100 reviewers, but they’re always looking for more. Wondering what theme reviewers do all day? Superstar reviewer Emil Uzelac gave us a behind-the-scenes look in A Day in the Life of a WordPress Theme Reviewer. These volunteers are serious about standards and stand as the gate keepers to the WordPress Theme Directory. They ensure that every theme listed at WordPress.org follows best practices and is safe for you to download. If you’d like to volunteer, check out the How To Join WPTRT page on WordPress.org for more information.


15 responses to “Justin Tadlock Joins the WordPress Theme Review Team”

  1. As an admin, I feel like I can contribute more than as a just a reviewer. I can’t do nearly as many reviews as some of the other guys/gals, but I can pop in quickly at various times and check over and help catch things we’ve overlooked. If nothing else, it should allow me to take some of the workload off the other admins.

    The team has definitely been doing a lot to get new themes approved and help educate theme authors. The process has also gotten a lot better because of the improvements made to the system by I believe both Otto and Nacin. This has allowed us to take on more themes.

  2. @Justin Tadlock

    Hi Justin congratulations, and we are the fans of hybrid theme. Your knowledge and skill in developing hybrid theme framework says it all, your work will take over other theme frameworks in a sense that it is comprehensive, complete and user-friendly, at least for new wordpress users like us here.

    Again congratulations, and we hope more people will make use of your knowledge and skills in wordpress.


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