Earns Recommendations by StudioPress and Envato, the theme review service started by Emil Uzelac and Justin Tadlock earlier this year, announced StudioPress and Envato both recommend using its service. Those who create themes for Genesis or ThemeForest can now have them reviewed by both before selling them in the marketplace.

Themes developed for ThemeForest that are reviewed by Uzelac and Tadlock will receive a secondary review by the ThemeForest theme review team. Since both Uzelac and Tadlock are senior reviewers for the theme directory, reviewed themes are more likely to do things the WordPress way instead of locking users in. is only three months old, but partnering with the largest WordPress theme marketplace ought to provide an unlimited amount of business. The question is, will ThemeForest authors spend the money to have their themes reviewed by a third-party?


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    • I’ve spoken with your partner about having a Press section on your site. I’m linking to your personal blog regarding the announcement instead of There’s not a whole lot of information from either Envato or StudioPress on how this impacts each service.

      • The thing to keep in mind is that Envato is a large company with several marketplaces. We’re offering our service as part of their “Studio” marketplace, which is separate from their “ThemeForest” marketplace. Envato Studio is a marketplace for professional client work, so to speak. For example, there are WordPress installation and setup services offered by some and business card designs by others.

        Envato Studio just opened up a new category called “Expert Feedback.” This is where a service like ours comes in. As far as I know, we’re the first they put in this new category.

        How does this change ThemeForest? Well, I’m hoping that there’ll be some cross-promotion stuff. That’ll be entirely up to the Envato staff if they feel it is a good move for all involved. Right now, we’re trying to establish our service on Envato Studio so that if/when there is some cross-promotion, we’ll look a bit more legit to ThemeForest authors.

        On Badges:

        I think I’ve talked about the badge idea elsewhere, but I’ll try to sum up my thoughts here. There’s a difference between having a review done and making sure the theme author follows through with all the suggestions we have. That’s a choice they have to make. Theoretically, though not likely, a theme author could decide he doesn’t want to follow any of our advice and just do his own thing.

        To me, our service is not about peace of mind for users, which is what a badge would ultimately be used for. Rather, our service is to give peace of mind to theme authors. The two go hand in hand to some degree, but there is a distinction.

        What I’m open to doing is something like a “reviewed by” badge, which doesn’t necessarily mean that we fully endorse the theme or that the theme author corrected things to our satisfaction. As long as that’s made clear, it’s something I think we’ll end up doing.

  1. Any particular reason why the “Preliminary Review” for $90 is not part of your service on Envato Studio ( While I think $385 for the “Full Review” is money well spent, some people may be hesitant to do so, and some probably really can’t afford it. Offering the $90 review would make your service accessible/affordable to more people.

    If I purchase the $90 review on and later decide to buy/upgrade to the “Full Review”, does my $90 purchase count towards the $385 review, sort of an discount/upgrade, or do I have to pay the full $385?

  2. I for one will definitely use their service with my next theme. I admit it, I used to do things wrong, and locked in my users with some of my first themes, but I swerved away from that track and I’ll try to do me and my customers a service. It’s so good that we have a service like this in place, where we definitely can get sensible review information from some of the best (if not already the best) reviewers of WordPress in the world.

  3. It’s an interesting service and very valuable for some theme authors, but on the Envato side for Theme Forest, people should realize that there’s an estimated 1 in 10 chances your theme will get approved. They get so many themes submitted and only so many get released each day, that many great quality themes are sent off with a form letter (email) of rejection, often within minutes of submission. I believe it’s important that this theme review service, should not be seen as guarantee the theme will be accepted by Theme Forest….or any other marketplace, although it does give the author peace of mind when Emil or Justin find something that needs attention; it adds an advantage.


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