1. Tung Do

    Congrats to Justin and Emil.


  2. Ryan Hellyer

    This is starting to look like an excellent service. I don’t know much about Emil’s background, but I have enormous respect for Justin’s coding chops and pain staking attention to detail. This also looks like an extremely cheap service too (cheap as in price, not in quality), and I think this will result in a lot of people who previously couldn’t afford (or didn’t know how to obtain) quality code reviews getting some excellent feedback that wouldn’t have received in the past.

    Many moons ago I paid to have a plugin code audited. Unfortunately, it turned out the auditor had no idea what they were doing. I didn’t realise this until I eventually learned more than he did and could see that I’d just paid someone better than me, but who still had no idea what they were doing. Back then, I didn’t know who to to turn to. With dedicated services like this, with reviews and a reputation, new folks will know exactly where to go for reviews.


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Question for Emil and Justin (I’m assuming you will be reading the comments here): Would you consider doing reviews of plugins or complete sites? I now have somewhere to send people for theme reviews which is nice, but it would be great to have somewhere to refer people wanting complete site or plugin audits to as well.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I’ve intentionally avoided plugin and site reviews in the past because you rarely know what you’re getting yourself into. The only time I’ve done them is when I know the developer and can trust a 3-hour job doesn’t turn into a 20-hour job. Themes have a lot of standard components that make them much easier to review. Plugins, not so much.

      I can’t speak directly for Emil, but it’s probably best to get a solid start with theme reviews. Then, consider branching out once the service has been established.


  4. Nate Wright

    Really glad to see this moving forward and happy to hear they’ve already had a couple of takers.

    I hope Emil and Justin will consider the “badge” sooner rather than later. Although the price for reviews is very reasonable, it could easily take 10-20% of a theme’s first year profit for a small shop like mine. Being able to use that review in a sales pitch would help recoup some of that cost.

    I think one of the hallmarks of a successful community project is its ability to align the interests of diverse actors. Building real business value into the review service would help incentivize the process for theme shops which might otherwise never bother.

    It doesn’t have to be a “badge”, if that’s too black and white. It could be a rating on issues like security, performance and stability (eg – use of core non-deprecated functions). Or it could just be a small report, which we could link to, that details the results of the reviews tests and details any specific concerns.


    • Justin Tadlock

      I’m just throwing out an idea related to the badge that I’d like to eventually add. What I think would be great is a way to verify the badge. The easiest way to do that is to have a public listing of the themes that we’ve reviewed. The badge or whatever it is could the be linked to our site so that the user can verify that we’ve done the review.


  5. Thi

    Congrats to reviwers as well!


  6. Darren Meehan

    Brilliant to see!
    I think it would be a great idea to form some sort of partnership with Yoast’s site reviews.


  7. Miroslav Glavic

    So…when someone submits a theme (or plugin), the WPreviwers (what is their official WPtitle?) will go through the code and review it…

    What is the difference between THAT and Tadlock/Uzelac service? either than price.


  8. Sami Keijonen

    No there is zero reasons not to use this theme review service. Also people creating custom themes for clients should use this.


    • Emil Uzelac

      There is not much to add here, just want to say thanks to all. We are so blessed to be part of this wonderful community :)


    • Piet

      That is exactly the reason I already used Emil’s wonderful service. To review the general code of my starter theme which I use to build sites for clients on. Emil had great tips and pointed out a few things that I had missed or done wrong. I can highly recommend it to anyone and I think it is excellent to now have Justin on board too!


  9. Tim Blankenship

    I’m curious if this service offers any insights or recommendations as to a themes UI/UX or visual style. A theme can have beautiful code and still ugly or confusing.


  10. C. James

    This is brilliant news! I was excited when I read about Emil Uzelac’s initial announcement. I’m even more excited now.

    Emil is a stalwart of the Theme Review Team, and Justin is an unmistakable thought leader (not to mention a theming expert).

    The fact that they are both now teaming up to offer this service is epic.

    I think the service will be a great contribution to the community, and an opportunity for theme developers and shops to level up their code to standard practice. An excellent way to go about things.

    Thanks and kudos to them both!


  11. Benjamin Intal

    This is good news. I admit I previously made themes that would make @Justin Tadlock’s head explode out of frustration.. jam-packed with (self-written & built-in) features that would for sure render your site useless if you switch it out for another theme.

    It’s been a long time since then and now I’m a huge proponent of building stuff the proper “WordPress way” (this is another discussion by itself). Now, even though my new unreleased theme doesn’t include new functionality, uses Underscores, supports Jetpack and all it’s modules, and passes the Theme Check plugin. I’m curious to see what I’m still missing.


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