Congrats To Emil Uzelac

For recently joining the 700 club. That number represents the amount of themes he has reviewed since joining the WordPress theme review team! Thanks goes out to Emil for volunteering his time to make the theme repository a better place. Out of curiosity, after reviewing 700 themes, I wonder what sort of patterns or similarities exist between them all that Emil could share.

700 themes reviewed

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  1. Hi Jeffro,

    Thanks, I really appreciate being mentioned here.

    Similarity lately would be that many Themes are forked/based of Twenty Ten/Eleven or Toolbox, this is definitely something that I personally like to see. Good base is extremely important. In past couple of months I was mostly “janitor reviewer” cleaning up the SPAM and handling #1 priorities.

    Just like many others this is done in our spare time. I am trying to get at least Theme per day, in case that this would not be possible I would make up for lost days as soon as time permits.

    I am thankful to Philip Hofer (Frumph) for bringing me into WPTRT as well as Cais, Chip and Pross for being there for me when I needed their help, also Otto for his unprecedented knowledge and all reviewers too.



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