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  1. Emil

    Hi Jeffro,

    Thanks, I really appreciate being mentioned here.

    Similarity lately would be that many Themes are forked/based of Twenty Ten/Eleven or Toolbox, this is definitely something that I personally like to see. Good base is extremely important. In past couple of months I was mostly “janitor reviewer” cleaning up the SPAM and handling #1 priorities.

    Just like many others this is done in our spare time. I am trying to get at least Theme per day, in case that this would not be possible I would make up for lost days as soon as time permits.

    I am thankful to Philip Hofer (Frumph) for bringing me into WPTRT as well as Cais, Chip and Pross for being there for me when I needed their help, also Otto for his unprecedented knowledge and all reviewers too.



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