1. Harry

    Hi thanks for sharing this useful information. I just have one quick question that can we use lazy loading plugins apart from the one provide by theme itself? Does this will affect the speed of the site?


  2. Sunil Williams

    This looks really nice!
    It’s going to be interesting to see what people build with it.

    I’m really impressed with the documentation.
    The structure and content of the docs shows a real commitment to developers learning how to build for the modern web.

    This project is brilliant.


  3. Tomas M.

    Can we say that days of _s are numbered and we need new starter theme, that corresponds to new technological environments devs are using today?


  4. Misha

    Hi, what about CSSNext? Will it be supported in the future in this theme?
    postcss-cssnext has been deprecated in favor of postcss-preset-env.
    Read more.


  5. Greg Raven

    It seems as though a lot of work has gone into WP Rig. As a Mac user, though, I find it simpler and easier to use CodeKit as part of my WordPress development environment.


  6. CreateIT

    WP-rig looks very tidy and the code is clean. Thank you for sharing this!



  7. Albert

    Hi is there a way to spell WordPress two different ways so that I can figure out whether I want to invest the time in reading the articles about WordPress releases.

    I like to follow up on the WordPress.org learning but it is pointless for me to learn about WordPress.com because I am not in that community.

    Maybe use WordPress.org VS WordPress.com

    Please use the entire domain for fast visuals for us ugly people

    Anyhow thanks for the article and I am so glad this is a WordPress.org topic

    That’s all


  8. Greg36

    Great to see another amazing project for theme developers. Inspired by the _s I have created my version of the starter theme with a similar set of features and it will be a great learning experience to compare it with the Rig.

    Great job Morten and Rachel!


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