1. Joonas Nuutinen

    I wish all the best to the future of WP Rig! However, I would like to add that _s has received some improvements regarding the build process this year. Nothing near WP Rig but there is definitely something going on with the project. Anyway, I think there should be an official starter theme with a modern build process and full compatibility with wherever Gutenberg is headed.


  2. Alexander Justin Vasquez

    It would be great to see _s adopt some of the tooling that Rig provides.


  3. Martin

    When talking about base themes, I always have the need to throw the name Sage (roots/sage) into the conversation.

    While being heavily opinionated, it shows some great features that could help mediocre theme developers become great ones (e.g. Laravel’s templating engine Blade).


    • Tomas M.

      _s was great inspiration to me, when I just started the theming adventure of my own, because it was a low-entry-level theme.

      WP rig looks like a great space ship, but it is still a space ship for the regular WP user.

      I hope there could be also an entry-level theme that would take total beginners by hand and without complex work environment setups (n++ and FileZilla) help them start coding a custom theme. That was one of the power plays of WP that made it so wide spread.


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