WPWeekly Episode 300 – Interview with Matt ‘Gutenbeard’ Mullenweg

In this the 300th episode, John James Jacoby and I interview Matt ‘Gutenbeard’ Mullenweg, co-creator of the WordPress project. We discuss a range of topics including, the somewhat controversial poetry reading that included a curse word prior to the State of the Word, the WordPress Foundation increasing its range of funding, and of course, Gutenberg.

One of the big takeaways from this interview is learning that Gutenberg will not arrive at the flick of a switch. There will be a transition period and a considerable amount of effort to make it as smooth as possible. Unlike episode 296, Mullenweg’s internet is fantastic and we didn’t experience any audio issues. A transcription of this interview will be published in a few days.

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2 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 300 – Interview with Matt ‘Gutenbeard’ Mullenweg”

  1. How about having the conversation between the difference of the two WordPress. One ( WordPress. Com-Automattic,\ the other WordPress. Org foundation) is for profit, the other is pitched as the non-profit community.
    The confusion I had years ago was figuring out the difference. The WordPress. Com is decked out, and growing, and seems to be running by Mr. Matt, and that is ok.

    The WordPress. Org known as the foundation seems to be run by Mr.Matt also, how-ever it seems stale.

    Good PR/ about WordPress usually is received by the .com while issues are pushed to the .org/.

    The WordPress. Org, foundation is opensource, yet it does not seem to opperate the same by way of human resources of hiring its own management teams.

    My write up here is, while Automattic WordPress. Com/ has it’s growth in paid human resources is awesome and cool, so should the WordPress. Org foundation.

    The WordPress.org foundation’s community is larger than Automattic WordPress. Com and should be run and opperate by separate management. The community of WordPress. Org foundation can raise its own revenue to provide it’s own way to elect the path the opensource community votes. In other words WordPress. Org aka the opensource community has over grown Mr.Matt Mullenweg, respectfully so.


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