1. Eugene

    welcome back!


  2. Terence

    “The suppository”? :-)


  3. Anne H

    Welcome back.

    Just to add to your comments on AMP. Even though the WordPress plugin is great and makes the process easier, you can still fail validation for a lot of reasons such as plugins.

    There is another plugin that helps in this regard. You can find it at https://wordpress.org/plugins/pagefrog/. This plugin helped to fix all but 1 of my issues. It does allow some basic styling options.

    The last problem I had was caused by the Scrapeshield feature of Cloudflare. I turned it off and my pages became AMP compliant.


  4. Nick Halsey

    For device preview, I’ll note that once post previews (and post writing/editing) are in the customizer, you’ll be able to leverage device preview there. In the meantime, you can preview any published page on a site in the customizer. The feature is designed to give a general sense of responsive behavior, but explicitly avoids representing specific devices.


    • Weston Ruter

      @Nick: Actually, you can also preview non-published pages today, including drafts.

      @Marcus @Jeff: Here is a demo showing how you can use the Customizer to preview mobile resolution for a draft post today, to check how the title wraps:

      As Nick notes, with post writing/editing in the Customizer, you’d be able to preview those changes live. But, in fact, the Customize Posts feature plugin (under development) can do this now:

      Note that an open issue for the plugin is to change the “Preview” button in the post edit screen with a “Customize & Preview” button so that you wouldn’t have to go to the extra step of clicking the Customize link after having clicked the Preview button for a draft post.


  5. Ed

    Welcome back Jeff! My version of the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is “All work and no play will drive you insane”.

    We all need breaks, otherwise our lives become unbalanced and for me personally I get kind of neurotic if I do not force myself to take breaks. ;)

    I’ve also found that I need breaks from my personal life as well (ie personal and family member issues/problems) and watch things like Rupert Spira and Dr Eben Alexander on YouTube to get myself recentered and to put things back into perspective. We all get to choose how we want to feel/think about anything all of the time. ;)


  6. Jeff Matson

    Thanks for the shout out for my NF->GF migration plugin!

    Just to clarify on the back and forth between myself and James Laws, there’s no hate there. Just myself being myself. In fact, I had several great conversations with that crew. Thankfully, they don’t take my tweets too seriously ;)

    Most of the credit goes to Travis on that plugin as well. He took the lead on it and did a killer job.


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