1. Jesse

    Wise move by Automattic, hopefully they can get listed as an official partner of Stripe/Atlas which would be huge. When the time is right, they should demand a % of global processing fees from all payments processed via Stripe through Woo sites as well to offset the free development… that is what they have with Mastercard already I believe and it’s what they deserve from Stripe ;)


    • Carl Hancock

      When the time is right? The time is right. I’m pretty sure this is precisely why this has occurred.

      PayPal has a similar arrangement. I’m guessing Stripe is now providing a similar revenue share.


      • Jeremiah

        Absolutely. I used to work for a much smaller company that was able to negotiate a deal with Stripe that I’m sure would be worth several million/year for Automattic and their free integration for WooCommerce.


  2. Tia

    This is great news! I use Stripe for my clients all of the time. Thanks for the info.


  3. Tai

    Stripey Melikey. The AWS download link is broken at Woo my-account, but looking forward to using it soon!


  4. Dale Reardon

    I had missed this announcement so thanks heaps for pointing it out.


  5. Mark

    Wow, that’s great. And it’s about time this was free! I had admired that iThemes Exchange offered their Stripe extension for free since their beginning. This is awesome for every Woocommerce user.


  6. Kevin Eagle

    Awesome. Charging for payment gateways always rubbed me the wrong way.


  7. Christy Eller



  8. Joel

    I would be excited but we can’t get the darn plugin to work…. have tried everything always get…

    I get an error, “Please make sure your card details have been entered correctly and that your browser supports JavaScript.”



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