1. Jeffr0

    WordPress isn’t well-equipped for content collaboration. In fact, thanks to its fancy post locking feature, WordPress is streamlined to enable the opposite of a collaborative editorial workflow. It’s designed for one user to work on a post while locking all other users out.

    Isn’t that something? Automattic has a nifty plugin in its arsenal called Edit Flow and they have the resources to provide a similar feature set that this plugin offered. Unfortunately, Edit Flow development seems to be at a stand still.


  2. Jason Lemieux

    Awww man. I had very high hopes for Poetica! Here’s to hoping someone can pick up the pieces and build something new with what code is available.


  3. JDaniel

    Poetica was one of the few tools that provided a way for editorial teams to write together

    Can you tell me some others? I was looking for exactly this feature (approve and reject changes with one mouse click) for weeks, but couldn’t find one. And no, Edit Flow is definitely not comparable.



  4. Scott Kingsley Clark

    Guess Jetpack is now free to move into the collaborative edit experience now, requiring each user to have their WP.com user account connected, could do similar stuff to Poetica :)


  5. Sol Huebner

    Additionally, after a post is published, no further collaboration can be made, as the only way to make edits is to push changes immediately to the live copy.

    I know of at least one other plugin that handles this case and allows editing a post that can be even moderated before it goes live again: https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddyforms-review/


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