1. Isabel

    So excited to see what these two together would bring! I love the TinyMCE editor. Setka is also cool, but their WordPress plugin is horrible. I wonder if we can see a more powerful “classic editor” with this addition of Setka, if that’s ever possible.


    • Peter

      Hey Isabel, It’s Peter from Tiny, Setka Editor Customer Success team.

      I’m sorry to hear you had an unsatisfying experience with our WordPress plugin. We do our best to improve our products and accompanying services on all platforms, and your feedback could be an opportunity for us to do so.

      I’d appreciate it if you could share your experience with me via peter.bolkunov@tiny.cloud. I will personally review your feedback with my Customer Success leadership counselor. Your voice will be heard, appreciated, and acted upon.


  2. Lawyer in the city of Dnipro

    TinyMCE my favorite editor. I can’t imagine WordPress without it !!! I am sure this is great news and it will bring a lot of benefits in the end.


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