1. Greg Schoppe

    I really hope they manage to spend some of that money making their API documentation more Dev Friendly. Right now I’m glad that it exists, but it basically tells you nothing about the functions other than that they exist.

    It’s better than nothing, but not by much.


  2. Andrew Roberts

    Gutenberg is built on top of TinyMCE

    This is not quite right. A few TinyMCE libraries are used, but they are among many third party libraries.

    Almost all of the editing features are actually native to Gutenberg – copy and paste, undo stack, user interface components, parsing, drag and drop etc. etc.

    I’ll try and update the FAQ to a little clearer on this.



  3. Stephen Vaughan

    Any chance this will lead to a better version of code view in blocks , the main code view and even in the current editor.

    Things like being presented with formatted, human readable code colour coded syntax… all that good stuff that designers and developers would expect from a modern IDE like text editor experience.

    Wait, what’s that? Code Mirror?


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