1. WordPress Adds Per-Ticket Notifications to Trac

    […] Nacin is on a roll with adding improvements to the WordPress core trac. During the holiday break he worked on a design refresh for tickets, enhancements, bug fixes and […]


  2. Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Screwing Up When Contributing To WordPress

    […] week, one of the improvements to trac was the addition of the “good-first-bug” tag. This tag will be used to identify […]


  3. New WordPress Trac Features Have Been Ported to bbPress and BuddyPress

    […] Trac. Over the past couple weeks and during the holidays, Andrew Nacin has implemented a host of new features that make it easier for contributors to collaborate with one another, get better ticket […]


  4. A Look Behind PropsPress: A Site Dedicated to WordPress Contributors

    […] is a much friendlier place for contributors,” Payne said, which he attributed to the recent trac re-organization and refresh, as well as the addition of new group leads to help facilitate communication and […]


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