1. Ted Clayton

    Looking around at PropPress for ways to navigate & explore (away from the extremely terse homepage), I see beneath 2 1/2 years of monthly archives;

    Uncategorized (4,131)

    That’s emblematic. Improve PropsPress? It’s conceived & designed to be ‘nothing’. Make it something. Just let it give and be something. Anything …

    Payne says the idea is more for recognition and encouragement than for competition. He has reservations about adding too much gamification.

    OK … Earth to Major Tom. Gamification philosophy or phobia is a game. People who proclaim, “Oh, but we don’t make a game out of it!” … are gamin’ themselves.

    If person X is a newbie at Core and needs to keep her head down … then maybe she ought to find an extracurricular activity more in-keeping with her actual status in the social context she has chosen to join & work within.

    Like what – we’re going to scroll through 4,131 hairless, odorless ‘props’, to admire the work done at Trac? We can let the server logs speak to that.

    Trac and the rabbit-shaming Population Bomb of similar products are both a godsend to projects like WordPress, and their own worst enemy.

    The potential and the problems that Trac etc brings to the game are not a matter that projects like PropsPress can address.

    … But a ‘safe’ enhancement to the existing site would be a nice tutorial on IFTTT, and how it might be put to good use … since that is evidently what PropsPress is really about. And please, easy on the statistics


    • Jaspal

      Exactly .. it needs to be graphically more in touch .. it has a disconnect feeling right now .. Dull, Unimpressive, Unworthy of attention.


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