WordPress Adds Per-Ticket Notifications to Trac

Andrew Nacin is on a roll with adding improvements to the WordPress core trac. During the holiday break he worked on a design refresh for tickets, enhancements, bug fixes and more ways to sort tickets. Today he announced per-ticket notifications, an exciting new feature that will help you stay updated on tickets. This is big news for WordPress core development.

Directly above the “Add Comment” box you can now find a “Watch This Ticket” button with a star. Clicking this button will sign you up for notifications on that particular ticket.


Notification sign up is also available at the very top of the ticket.


WordPress Trac is Becoming More Collaborative

In addition to notifications, the other exciting thing about the new ticket starring feature is that it opens up two new reports for you to view: Open tickets I’m watching and All tickets I’m watching, essentially providing a centralized place to view your bookmarked tickets.

Nacin also hinted at a few upcoming trac features that he is planning on implementing, including:

  • Watch/unwatch a ticket directly from a report (similar to starring a conversation in Gmail)
  • Subscribe to entire components and milestones: see image below for preview
  • Add someone to a ticket using @-mentions
  • Star count displayed in reports next to the new Comments column so starring a ticket is also similar to favoriting/liking
Coming Soon: Ability to subscribe to components
Coming Soon: Ability to subscribe to components

These new features have the potential to create a huge boost in efficiency and collaboration for those who contribute to WordPress core development. Even more awesome is that all of this code is open source and was built to be portable to work on other Tracs. For more technical details on how this all works together, check out Nacin’s comments on the original ticket that helped inspire changes for better trac management.


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