Fine-Grained WordPress Trac Notifications Help Core Contributors to Specialize

If you visit, you’ll find that there’s a new greeting in place. This addition is part of Andrew Nacin’s most recent round of updates for WordPress contributors. The greeting serves to introduce visitors to the development blog and weekly meetings, and also helps to quickly funnel bug filing and contributions to the appropriate screens.

Simplified Ticket Form

The ticket creation form has been simplified and cleaned up. The objective, according to Nacin, was to make the ticket creation process “much less intimidating.”


Fine-Grained WordPress Trac Notifications

One of the most exciting additions is the new notifications preferences. Visit your trac notifications page and you can now subscribe to activity that you’re interested in, based on component, focus or milestone. There’s also an option to subscribe to new tickets as they come in. However, in order to receive comments on the ticket you will need to star it.


These new notification preferences allow contributors to specialize in their areas of interest without being overwhelmed by irrelevant notifications. When you subscribe to a component, you’ll show up on that particular component page as one of the contributors. This information may possibly make its way into profiles, as Nacin hinted in the comments, “And in the future, there’s no reason this can’t also be a part of your profile.”

This round of updates will be the last of the shiny new trac toys for awhile. Nacin says that he doesn’t have anything else planned at the moment. Thanks to his efforts, life is much easier for existing WordPress contributors and more inviting for those who are new to the table.



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