1. Chris Wallace

    Thank you, Steven, for allowing me to share a bit about our support process and philosophy. I think it is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach and that you should leverage the relationships and tools at your disposal to make the moves necessary for your business to be profitable and keep customers happy.


    • Jeff Chandler

      That’s a point I found out after reading the responses. The highlights I shared in this post only cover a fraction of the insight provided by all of the individuals within the survey.

      BTW, cool to see the whole team getting involved with the support role.


    • Steven Gliebe

      Thank you for sharing your experience with UpThemes.

      It has been interesting to learn how shops handle things differently (and similarly). My expectation was that the experienced shops would have nailed down a common approach and that I’d just discover what it is. While there is no magic formula, it has been very helpful to know what does and doesn’t work for similar businesses.


  2. Steven Gliebe

    Thank you for reporting this, Jeff. And a huge thank you to the shop owners that participated. They were very generous with their time and knowledge.

    My takeaway from this has been the realization that I’m not ready to hire yet. I came across some who sell more than I do that spend less resources on support than I imagined possible. I’m not as efficient as they are. AJ Clarke in particular had some good tips. My focus now is to lessen the support burden by improving documentation (screenshots), producing videos, massively expanding the FAQ and corresponding canned responses, etc. I’ve made a few improvements and already notice a difference.

    Some of the sellers I contacted did not have support staff but were on the verge of needing help. My advice to them is first make sure you’re efficient at support yourself, then take advantage of the experienced shared by other shops in order to get the best help.


  3. TonyBB

    When providing quality support to customers it’s important take into account time zone fact. In our support policy we clearly state about the fact 16 – 24 hours response guarantee time. So when keeping support people around the world we can with confidence provide great support.


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