1. Trent Lapinski


    CBD is federally legal in the US.

    Why is Automattic forcing a policy that’s no longer relevant to the law?

    THC / cannabis I can understand, that’s still federally illegal, and regulated. CBD however, especially from hemp is federally legal.

    Automattic needs to talk to a cannabis lawyer. They’re getting inaccurate legal advice on this one.


  2. Jarred Kennedy

    The support rep goes on to say that this included but was not limited to sites using WordPress.com, the Jetpack plugin, and any extensions from WooCommerce.com

    Does Automattic really have the ability to prevent those selling CBD products from using Jetpack on their store? I’m not sure how that works, but it’s certainly concerning.


  3. Phil

    And how does Gravatar fit in to this?

    Gravatar is a wordpress.com service, right? Yet Gravatar’s baked in.


  4. Jordan Winthrop

    wait what Cannabis derived CBD? what about all the CBD products derived from pine trees. There are many CBD products on the market that have no source of cannabis at all. Pine trees and other evergreens have CBD. How can they be so out of touch?


    • Paul Maiorana

      I’m no expert on CBD but my understanding is it is exclusively derived from hemp or cannabis, and thus our policy is specific to “products derived from cannabis and hemp”. If there are CBD products that are not derived from those plants, they are then not subject to the policy.


  5. Theo

    Well this is good to know. A bit confusing but I can understand it when it comes to international laws. I have a friend that is getting into CBD and he was asking me which platform to sell off of. This is the beginning of my research but I can see WordPress can be a good fit for him if he does it right.


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