Philadelphia, PA to Host WordCamp US December 4th–6th

Matt Mullenweg announced that Philadelphia, PA, will host WordCamp US December 4th–6th at the Pennsylvania Convention center. Philadelphia will also host WordCamp US in 2016, although no dates have been chosen yet.

According to Mullenweg, “Having it the same place two years in a row allows us to keep logistics a set variable and really focus on the rest of the event in the second year.” The 2017 and 2018 host cities will be chosen in between the first and second event. This allows the team in the host city to volunteer and gain on-the-ground experience in Philadelphia.

Out of six cities chosen to possibly host WordCamp US and 1,390 total voters, Tavern readers voted to have it in Phoenix, AZ, citing its warm weather during winter months. Philadelphia, home of the cheesesteak, was a close second.

The event is inspired by WordCamp Europe, where organizers take an entire year to plan and coordinate the event. Some readers questioned whether the event would be held this year considering applications to be the host city weren’t accepted until June.

With only half a year to plan and organize WordCamp US, it will be interesting to see how the first one goes. Let us know if you plan on attending the event and if you’re going to bring ear muffs as Philadelphia during that time of year is cold.


19 responses to “Philadelphia, PA to Host WordCamp US December 4th–6th”

  1. I do have a lovely silver leather quilted jacket that looks like a shiny baked potato, I could bring that! This is great news, I’d love to go to this awesome WordCamp if possible and see the city sites! Does anyone know when will the website be live with information for this year’s camp?


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