1. Ben M

    The venue has confirmed the ability to host 3,000 – 5,000 attendees.

    That is way too many attendees for a conference IMO. I think WCEU ’16 was too big.


  2. D'nelle Dowis

    To organize an event of this size on what would be considered relatively short notice for a city as popular as Denver was essentially a fool’s errand.

    This was the nail-biting-est part of our process. Based on what we experienced with the venue (and with looking for available hotel blocks close to MCC!) I think that the planning for a location for 2019 should start now.


  3. Otto

    The Music City Center is a very cool place, from what I’m told. Should be great.


    • Brett Shumaker

      It is pretty awesome. The company my wife works for has had their corporate Christmas parties there before. So massive.

      I’m excited to start planning!


  4. Susan Langer

    Yes! Finally my city!!! What will be the cost?


  5. John Hendrix

    I’m really excited about the Nashville location. So often it seems a lot of great conferences are on the east or west coast. I’m looking forward to being able to attend my first WordCamp US and being able to drive to it from Indiana! Two thumbs up for Nashville!


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